Natalie, Stuart and Kristina

Hi there!

You are probably wondering who made this web site. We wanted to take some time to introduce you to ourselves. We’re Anna’s kids… Nat and Stu, and Stu’s lovely wife Kristina.

We all want to thank you for taking the time to visit the site we have created for our Mum. We also want to thank you, from the bottom of our hearts for making a donation to the fundraiser to contribute donations to Critter Care Wildlife in our Mum’s name. Thank you for your help and support, we truly appreciate it.

Natalie Brown AKA by Mum as “Nat” and “Flower” and sometimes, if I was naughty… “Nastily”!

Mum and Nat Ashcroft

My name is Natalie Brown and I am Anna’s daughter. I’m a songwriter, singer and lover of life.

It’s hard to sit and tell you a favorite memory I have of my Mum because there are so many. When a parent dies, you truly think about things that you may have never dwelt on before. Mum’s passing has left me feeling all sorts of emotions that I am still working through. Actually, doing this memorial web site has helped me to look back at happy times and to truly see how much we all did together as a family and to remember the lessons and experiences I had with my Mum and family.

Losing your Mum is one of the most difficult things to happen in your natural life. Healing from the pain of death takes time. I knew my Mum was fighting Metastatic Breast Cancer and that she would die. I mean, all of our parents will die, that is a fact. My Mum battled Cancer for so long and she had such a fighting spirit that when she finally slipped away, I was in shock. Wasn’t she the one who would beat the odds after 11 years of fighting this horrible beast called Cancer? I thought maybe she would.

After I got the call from my Dad on August 23rd I spent the day flying home to be with my Dad as soon as I could. Struggling with the news that your Mum has died and trying to fly on a plane from one end of the country to the other is not an easy thing to do. The trip was so surreal… the dreaded news came, my Mum was gone… yet during the whole journey I heard her voice in my head saying she was there, that I should look around at the airports and on the planes at the babies, parents, teens, grandparents, people off to weddings and trips. She kept telling me that life was still going on around me and that I should watch it to see what it told me. I heard her voice saying that yes, she was gone, but that life went on despite that and that I should remember that and keep living mine.

I think one of the most important lessons I learned from my Mum was to take life ‘by the balls’ each day and to do what I felt was rigNat and Stuht for me and to not live for anyone else. She taught me to be kind, loving and respectful… but she taught me that while doing this, I should live my life to the fullest and always ‘go with my gut’. She taught me that ‘when God closes a door, He opens a window’, and in this crazy life I’ve chosen as a writer and vocalist, that has been a mantra I have lived by! My life has been full of ups and downs and crazy events that would one day make a good book! At the end of the day though, despite all the crazy-ness, I have no regrets. I have tried everything I ever wanted to try. I have loved everyone I have ever wanted to love. I have appreciated nature and animals. I have had the guts to do super crazy things and live outside the box of ‘norm’. I have laughed hard and cried hard. I have spread my wings to fly like a bird on this earth while I am here (I wrote a song about this, which I have posted below). My Mum taught me the importance of all of these things and I bless her soul for it. I will sure miss my Mum… it’s a gaping hole not having her here with me in the physical, but she taught me a lot and I will hold true to those lessons in life and keep flying…

I love you Mum! xoxoxo

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Stu Block AKA “Stuie”, known fondly to Mum as “Stu Boo”


Hey everyone. I’m Stuart Block, known to Mom as “Stu Boo”, Anna’s son. I’m a singer, lyricist and my work as a musician takes me all around the world.

It’s very difficult for me to write this as my emotions are still very fresh but on the other hand I guess I should also see this as an opportunity for me to share my love for my mother and as a type of therapy. That was my mom tho always positive and teaching us how to see the positive in even the darkest of times. She taught me so much,.. it’s weird but when I lost her it made me think in a whole new light. I started to consciously see how she molded me and the things she taught me.

The loss of my Mom was and still is very hard for me and if I was unsure before, I’m sure now that this has to be one of the most horrible things someone has to deal with. I know it’s the circle of life and all, but man no matter how much you think you are prepared for the loss of a parent (especially with my mom as she had battled cancer for over a decade) you just never are fully prepared. I was in a sort of “denial” stunkristhinking that she would just be fighting cancer till she was 95.

I was with my wife Kristina when I got the call from my Sister Natalie that Mom had passed. We were on a boat in Croatia heading back from our journey. The surreal thing was that we were on the ocean which my mom loved and there were a few seagulls flying right next to us. It was as if she was saying “hi” and saying that everything would be O.K.. We had to take an emergency flight home to Canada to be with my Dad and help with whatever needed to be done. It’s so hard to share a favourite memory as I have so many of them. All of my memories of my Mom are of her sacrificing, giving, teaching and loving unconditionally. That’s my Mom all in one. I will miss you everyday… I love you so much.

I hope this memorial site helps with awareness about Breast Cancer and helps raise money for the “Critter Care Wildlife” society and people can get the opportunity to see how special our mother was to us and still is in our hearts. I hope this inspires people to go tell their family members how much they love them as much as possible because you never know when it will be the last time. Embrace life my friends as this crazy world will keep spinning. It’s up to you not to let it pass you by.

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Kristina Gasparic-Block AKA “The best daughter-in-law I could ever wish for” (our Mum LOVED Kristina!)

Hello everyone, I’m Kristina, wife of the love of my life, Stu. I teach Band in the school system, I am a group fitness Mum & Kristinainstructor/personal trainer and I write music and play live music with 2 rock bands. My life sounds very busy, but I have a passion for all the things I do for a living.

I met Anna during the first year Stu & I were in our dating stage. She and Martin, (her husband), came up from B.C to our place for Christmas. I was soo nervous to meet them because the phrase,; “look out for the in-laws because you’re dating their precious son”, was filtering through my head. But, upon meeting them I instantly felt “accepted” and relieved. Anna’s outgoing positive spirit was so overwhelming I instantly felt comfortable and self-assured.

I think this is how I would describe this amazing woman. Considering Anna suffered through cancer for over 10 years, she never, ever lost her fun loving spirit. She always saw the positive side of life and taught us to do the same. Anna was very well read and had a lot of worldly experience. I learned more about history and life through those animated conversations than I could through all of my schooling years. The most important thing she taught me is to learn how to have balance in life: to take time to relax, regenerate and spend quality time with family and friends.

To the best Mum-In-Law in the world: Thank you for being in my life, even for as short a time as it was. I Love You xoxoxoxoxo


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