Times with Mum!

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Sue Mum
Vig Age 16
Mum Dad Younger
Marbie Mum
Mum Chemo
Anna And Block Fam
Mum N Dad
Tantenic Mum
Hanson Famhouse Mum
Mum Dad 06
Stu's Wedding
Mum Giggle
Stu Mum Wedding
Mum Turkey
Mum Nat Spaghetti
Mum Surf
Mum Drapemaking
Mum Dad Colorado
Mum Hat
Mum Punkie
Mum With Kitties
Paddle Boat 3
Mum Gran
Mum Dad Stu Ie
Mum Nat Dad Wedding
Stu Kris Mum Dad
Stu Mum Kiss
Mum Kitchen
Sue Vig at 14
Mum Doggie
Dad Mum Stu Wedding
Mum Colter
Mum Nat Marshmallows
Punkie Winnie Mum
Mum Owie Finger
Vig On Th Chapel Wall
Block Fam Dad Bday
Mum Dad Stu Wedding
Sue Anna
Tante Nicole Point Roberts
Mum Drink Smoke Crazy
Mum 60 Bday


  1. Ruth brown

    So sorry to hear about your Mom Nat! I still think of you often and hope and pray you are okay. I remember that great Christmas when your mom and Dad came at the last minute owing to a blackout in their area. We had such fun!
    Blessings Ruth

    • mummemory

      Hi Ruth! How kind of you to leave a comment. It is very sad about Mum. She fought a long battle and now she is at peace. We sure miss her though. I know you understand since you lost Joe. Cancer sure is a tough thing. Despite Mum being gone, I’m doing well and am happy. I hope that you and the entire family are well. Thanks for your prayers, they are appreciated! Take care, Nat


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