Anna Block Memorial and Fundraiser

Anna Block Memorial and Fundraiser

Thank you for visiting the Anna Block Memorial site.

This site has been lovingly built for 2 reasons:

  1. This site has been built to commemorate our Mum Anna Block. It was her wish that no memorial or funeral take place and while we honor her wish, we, her children and family feel the need to do something to celebrate her life, share stories, pictures, memories and work through our grief with memories of happier times and a celebration of her life.
  2. We aim to raise enough to make a substantial donation to Critter Care in Langley, BC every year. Mum's wish was that donations go in her name to one of her favorite organizations, Critter Care Wildlife Society in Langley, B.C.
    Critter Care Wildlife Society specializes in the treatment, care and release of sick, injured and orphaned Native Mammal species of British Columbia's Southern and Lower Mainland. They are the only facility in BC specializing in the care of mammals and one of only four Bear Rehab facilities in the province. You can read more about Critter Care's mission here >>

With your gracious help, we have been able to sponsor 2 Black Bear cubs via Critter Care in 2014 in Mum's memory! Thank you!

Click here to read more about "Romeo and Juliette", 2 orphaned American Black Bear cubs who were rescued. These are the babies that your donations are going to help support this year.

Romeo & Juliette Black Bear Cubs

OUR GOAL for 2014

It is our hope to raise $1,000 CAD by December 31st, 2014 to donate to Critter Care.

Donations collected via this web site and made to Critter Care will not be tax deductible due to the fact that we are not an official Non Profit organization.

We are reaching out to our fans, friends, family and anyone who wants to help out in order to reach this goal. We will be taking donations via Paypal (a safe, secure online payment site), Interact eTransfer and you can also donate to Critter Care directly via thier web site in our Mum's name. CLICK HERE to make a donation by your preferred method.

Donate Now

If you have any questions at all, they can be directed to Natalie Brown via the email form on the contact page. Click here to send us an email.

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Romeo & Juliette

Hi Everyone! Thanks for all of your donations in late 2013 and early 2014. We wanted to write an update to let you know that with your donations we have been able to sponsor 2 orphaned Black Bear cubs that were found near Revelstoke, B.C.

April 5, 2014

“We got your donation in the mail today – thank you all so very much. That is so wonderful. I’ve attached a picture of our latest babies that your donation will go towards. Their names are Romeo & Juliette. They were named by the people who rescued them. They came from Revelstoke, BC. They have just been weaned from the bottle and are starting to think they are big guys. Ha Ha!” – Maureen Binnie President, Critter Care Wildlife Society
Romeo & Juliette 2014 Sponsored Black Bear Cubs We know our Mum is smiling down on all of us for being able to help these babies out. If we are able to get updates as to how Romeo and Juliette are doing, we will post them here for you to read. We plan to keep this site up and soon you will have the option to donate directly to Critter Care Wildlife Society to get a tax receipt or you will still be able to donate via this web site. We plan to make a donation in memory of our Mum every year going forward. Thanks and much love, Nat, Stu, Kristina and the Block Family

September 19, 2014

Romeo and Juliette Update: Romeo & Juliette are growing like weeds. Now they are big guys. They have 5 other cubs as room mates and everyone seems to be getting along. The picture attached is of Romeo & Juliette (without the yellow ear tag) with one of their room mates. They are learning how to catch live trout and are enjoying it. Sorry I can’t identify who is who but I do know Romeo & Juliette don’t have the ear tags as yet. They will get ear tags when they are sedated for release next year. They will be with us till at least June of next year.

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